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DIY Basement Renovations: Tips for a pleasant and enjoyable Laundry and Exercise Room

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DIY Basement Renovations: Tips for a pleasant and enjoyable Laundry and Exercise Room

The basement is a space that has immense potential, if you can put your mind, effort and some money into it. From fun filled entertainment rooms to very useful laundry rooms there are many DIY ideas for basement renovation you will find ideal for your specific needs.  Here are two commonly used ideas for basement DIY renovation -Basement Laundry Room and Basement Exercise Room

Basement Laundry Room

A laundry room is an apt choice for basement renovation. Being a considerable distance from all high traffic spaces in the home, it serves as a perfect laundry space. And with the laundry room tucked away from sight, you will not have to hurry to tidy the space when guest visit.

Here are some great basement renovation ideas that you can DIY. With some professional help from renovation experts at Basement Finishing Company, you can turn your basement laundry room into an exciting new space with endless potential.

Two in one space: Often times DIY projects in basement end up with the space housing multiple rooms. For instance, you can have a movie room and a laundry space in the available area. Concealing the dryer and washer with double doors is a great way to tuck everything away and get a neat and tidy space to enjoy your favourite movie.


Storage: Having several cabinets installed over the dryers and washers and adding counter space can make the room really useful.

Curtain off:  With metallic or wood dividers, the laundry room can be separated from the remaining space which can be converted into a family room, entertainment room or any other homey space.

Basement Exercise Room

Having a gym in your basement comes with several benefits. For one, you need not change into your gym wear and wade through heavy traffic to workout. All you need to do is go to your basement and have a nice, hassle free workout. Here are some excellent exercise room renovation tips

Decide on space

 Identify the equipment set up you are planning to use and assess whether the basement space is adequate. A treadmill is great for cardio, but can eat up a lot of space.  Work benches on the other hand don’t need much space. Consider the options to use the space available wisely.


Since ventilation is must when you exercise, consider installing fans that keep the air circulation. A mirror is another important addition, as it can indicate the right position to take when you perform the exercise and help avoid injury.

Lighting ideas

With fewer windows, strategically placed overhead lighting helps to keep you motivated when you exercise. Bright rooms bring in energy and even if you have natural light available, consider adding artificial light to spike up the energy levels.


Instead of the customary rubber flooring, which does not provide softness or warmth adding sustainable carpets will help in reducing the odour and make the space environment friendly.

There are plenty of ideas you can put to use for your basement renovation. And many of them are not expensive, so you can have a great time renovating and convert your basement into wonderful home space the entire family loves to use.

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