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5 Reasons to Get Your Home Tinted

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5 Reasons to Get Your Home Tinted

Window tinting has always been a popular way to increase privacy and reduce UV rays and prevent them from heating up spaces. Window tinting has always been very popular for vehicles, but it can also be done in homes as well with just as many, if not more, benefits for you and your family. Tinting is simple and effective, which can be done with window film and installed by a professional at a reasonable cost.

If you want to improve privacy in your home, improve security, cut cooling costs, and more, you should consider investing in window tinting for your home. If you’re looking for services that offer home tinting in Perth, be sure to find a company you trust that will work within your budget.


Tinted windows can greatly enhance the security and safety of your home. The tinted windows will help to prevent those passing by, or trying to peer inside, from seeing the layout of your home, what you have inside, if you have a security system or not, and more. This helps to deter individuals from breaking in as they won’t know what to expect. This is great for keeping you, your home, and family safer.

UV Protection and Glare Reduction

Inside a home with windows that are not tinted, there is little to no UV protection. However, tinted windows do offer complete UV protection. This means that you can keep the curtains or blinds open without letting UV rays inside. Also, there will be glare reduction as well. UV coatings for the windows in your home offer similar benefits to sunglasses. You’ll be able to look outside without a problem.


Privacy is important, especially if you live close to many neighbours. Instead of keeping your curtains closed all of the time, you can invest in tinted windows instead. The tinted windows will allow you to see outside, but won’t allow those passing by to see inside. This is ideal for any home, especially if you enjoy your privacy.

Lower Energy Usage

With the reduction of UV rays coming inside your home, you can expect much lower energy bills. You won’t need to spend as much on bills to cool your home, because your tinted windows will help. You also won’t need to keep your curtains closed anymore to keep the sun out, because tinting helps with that as well. So, you can keep your house cool and your curtains open, even on sunny days in the warmer months of the year. Not to mention that you’ll save money on your energy bills as well, allowing you to spend your money on other things.

Prevent Sun Damage

Last but not least, tinted windows offer protection from sun damage. Many different furniture materials and wood may sustain sun damage when you leave your curtains or blinds open. Tinted windows offer the protection you need. Even leather couches and chairs, that are most vulnerable to sun damage, won’t be affected if your windows are tinted.


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