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Organizing Your Closet


Organizing Your Closet

Organizing your closet can get frustrating at times. If your closet looks stuffed to the gills, it’s time to clear it out and figure out how to arrange it so it looks good. Here are some suggestions to make sure your closet is well organized.

Empty Your Closet Before You Organize

If you’re serious about organizing your closet, your first step is to empty it out to plan how things are going back in. This is especially important is you’re planning on a remodel closet Fayetteville GA. You may wish to talk with a professional closet remodeler on what is the best way to install new shelves and organizers so that everything has a place.


Put Things That Don’t Belong in that Closet Where They Belong

HGTV recommends that items that migrated to the closet you’re organizing be put where they belong. Things have a tendency to move to odd places after a while, so part of organizing your closet is returning items that don’t belong in your closet to their rightful places.

Decide What You Are Keeping Versus Getting Rid of

This is a crucial step to closet organization. You must decide whether the items in your closet are things that you should keep, versus things that need to be thrown away, sold online, or given to charity. The best way to determine if you’ll use the item again is to ask yourself if you would buy this item if you saw it in a store today. If the answer is no, or if the item is too large or small for you, or if you can’t remember the last time you used it, then it is time for it to go away. Another reason for getting rid of the item is if it is out of style.

Decide if You Need More Shelves or More Organizers in Your Closet

Not all closets have organizers built in, so it’s a good time to decide if you need more organizers or if your closet needs a full remodel. If you decide to go with organizers, there are many that will work that aren’t too expensive. Just make sure you have a place for everything. Plan on having the items you use most at eye level and within reach. Things that you seldom use can go lower in the closet. Things that you use rarely can go higher up in the closet.

Clean the Closet Thoroughly Before Putting Items Back In

It’s hard to imagin that closets would get dirty, but that’s exactly what can happen. As a result, that dirt and grime will get on your clothes, ruining them, or at least, making them look dirty and dingy. Even if you have a professional closet remodeler come in and remodel your closet, you’ll need to clean it out thoroughly to ensure that there is no dust or debris to damage your clothes.

Stick with the Plan

Once you have your closet organized, make sure you keep it organized by putting things back in their proper places. Then, you can ensure that you have a closet that looks great.

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